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From the outset, Masad Engineering Ltd. has carried the torch of quality and excellence and set uncompromising standards in its field. Established in 1993, the company specializes in construction and shielding projects for financial, government offices and security institutions, providing a comprehensive solution for its customers with an emphasis on service and quality in every phase of the project.
Our experience and expertise combined with cutting-edge technologies allow us provide our clients the most durable and advanced products.

Decades of Professional Experience

The company and its employees have vast experience in the field of engineering, which enables us to overcome the complexities of a project of any size. Masad Engineering is active in defense, banking and security projects, and specializes in large construction projects: planning, infrastructure, building and construction, at basically every stage up to delivery of the final property.

Our company’s advanced management and execution methods enable us to always be in control and ensure that we are working according to the project schedule, including quality verification independent of outside institutions, and with our uncompromising professional service – each client according to their specific needs.

Venus Macabi

Venus Macabi


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David Ezra


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Roni Ezra


Comprehensive and Accurate Service

Masad Engineering has vast, comprehensive experience in developing, planning, preparation, construction and integration of defense project. The company employs engineers in the fields of materials strength, product development and product design. Our experience has taught that our clients’ satisfaction is our greatest value, and therefore the company regularly carries out customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.

The Strictest Standards

The company specializes in physical defense mechanisms for vault and armored rooms, including evaluations and tests done by the Israel Standards Institute in conformity with Standard 5421, as well as American standard UL608 (Passed UL standard on 07/11/2013), and with the highest-level protection classes (Protection Class 3). The company’s products are internationally patented and tested by the Israel Standards Institute (SII) and American (UL) (Passed UL standard on 07/11/2013) . All the company products have an unique ballistic qualities which tested by the world’s leading laboratories as “MY WALL” and “INDUMIL”.

Masad Engineering Ltd. executes projects with optimal control and uncompromising quality and operates under ISO9001. These precautions and strict standards enable us to reduce risks to the minimum and function as true partners in the management of the projects.

In order to ensure the highest possible quality, Masad Engineering Ltd. works with the most advanced products in the world. Among others, the company processes, produces and supplies high-end cement products developed specifically for the security and shielding industries. For example, our CONCAST Series, one of the most advanced concrete products in the world, also known as ULTRA HIGH STRENGTH CONCRETE, is available in different strength levels up to 200 Mpa, and is thus adaptable to any client requirements.

Masad Engineering Ltd. is at your service at any time with the most advanced and comprehensive solutions. Please leave your details, and our representative will be in touch with you very soon.

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