Protection Panel for Vault Rooms

Steel and concrete panel resistant to state-of- the-art break-in tools

Registered model 40499
OHIM-NO001084768- 001
Class 3 protection as per Israeli standard 5421 section 2
UL Standard 603 Class 3, number BP10673 – Passed UL standard on 07/11/2013

עבר תקינת UL בתאריך 07/11/2013


This modular panel is designed and manufactured in various sizes to suit the customer’s particular requirements in order to save space and implementation time. It can be installed in existing new independent vault rooms.

The panel is 200 mm thick, has an external steel casing with a crisscross surface and a smooth internal casing, which affords flawless interior finishing to the vault room. The panel is sophisticated and extremely strong and is considered one of the most stable in the international market in terms of strength and is especially protected against drilling, cutting, blasting and pushing by a hydraulic jack.

The concrete panel has spikes to protect existing vault rooms as well as new independent vault rooms. The “blue and white” product has been developed and is manufactured in Israel.

The spike or arrow-like construction is revolutionary and unique for protected vault rooms and is registered as a patent in Israel, the European Common Market and the United States. This unique construction of the panel that protects the vault room walls by providing unmatched durability to withstand pushing and blasting that is unavailable in other vault panels on the market today.

This includes any horizontal cutting attempts to create an opening in the vault room wall.

Ballistic Report

Technical details

External construction

The front of the panel consists of a crisscross surface to prevent attaching vacuum equipment to the panel and also produces excellent resistance to ballistic penetration.

When a burglar attaches a vacuum device to a vault, it gives him valuable time and silence needed to affix drilling and chipping devices to the panel. In this panel, we have invested our company’s engineers’ experience and knowledge in the drilling, sawing, excavating and burning concrete and steel materials.

The panel is 200 mm thick, an external steel casing with a crisscross surface and a smooth internal casing, which affords an ideal finishing to the vault room.

Internal construction

The internal steel system is sophisticated and state-of-the-art, which serve as armored blocks to withstand drilling and blasting. The cast concrete is type Masad Concast 140, which is a mixture of concrete that was developed by our company’s engineers for defense and protection industries.

It exhibits a compressive strength of at least 150 kPa. This mixture combines noble metal aggregates and pins, which provide extremely high resistance to excavations and explosions. If required by the customer, we can cast a stronger mixture, Masad Concast 200m which can withstand a compressive force up to 220 MPa.

Overall thickness: 



650 kg per SQM.

Minimum time to penetrate the protected vault room:

120 minutes or more


During testing by the Israeli Standards Institute and the American UL (Passed UL standard on 07/11/2013) , which included all types of break-in techniques, separately and altogether, they were unable to create even a small opening large enough to let in external light to the internal side of the panel. After testing the panel by a number of institutes, the panel was certified to be impenetrable by diamond drilling or any other type of drilling. The panel was tested by the Israeli Standards Institute according to standard 5421 as well as the American UL standard UL608 (Passed UL standard on 07/11/2013). The panel received the highest possible classification, Class 3, for protecting vault rooms.

The spiked panel surface with substantial structural strength and revolutionary structure is one of the most advanced in the world. The product provides the customer with an innovative concrete panel, which is strong and sophisticated and impervious to drilling and presents to the future burglar endless obstacles that makes the armored vault room impenetrable.

The panels meet the NIJ standards type IV and prevent penetration of 12.7mm AP bullets and mortar fragments.

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