ARROW M180/43

Protection Panel for Vault Rooms

40499 Registered Model
OHIM-NO001084768- 001
Protection Class 3 as per Test Book 8513223899


A modular panel designed and manufactured in various sizes, tailor made to the
customer’s specifications, saves space and time to implement. The ARROW panel has
a spike or arrow structure to protect existing treasury rooms or independent vault rooms
under construction. The product development and production is entirely Israeli. The
panel is very strong and cannot be penetrated or removed by drilling, excavating,
melting by welding equipment or pushing by a hydraulic jack. The unique construction
has an international registered patent. The spike or arrow-like construction is
revolutionary and unique for protected vault rooms and is registered as a patent in
Israel, the European Common Market and the United States. This unique construction

of the panels that protects the vault room walls by providing unmatched durability to
withstand pushing and blasting that is unavailable in other vault panels on the market
today. The panel prevents any horizontal cutting attempts to create an opening in the
vault room wall.

Technical details

External construction

The front of the panel consists of a crisscross surface to prevent attaching vacuum
equipment to the panel and also produces excellent resistance to ballistic penetration.
When a burglar attaches a vacuum device to a vault, it gives him valuable time and silence needed to affix drilling and chipping devices to the panel.

Internal construction

When creating this panel, we have invested our company’s engineers’ experience and knowledge in the drilling, sawing, cutting and burning of concrete and steel components. Accordingly, the materials selected to obstruct unauthorized intrusion is the most advanced and provides maximum strength and protection.

The panels utilized in the system are made from cast MASAD CONCAST 100, which exhibits minimum compression to a force of
105 MPa / cm 2 .

Overall thickness:



635 kg per SQM.

Minimum time to penetrate the protected vault room:

120 minutes or more.


The panel has outstanding strength due to its revolutionary structural design. It is an excellent concrete panel, strong and smart, which imposes endless obstacles to the possible future intruder, making the vault room impenetrable. During testing at the Israeli Standards Institute, all the above mentioned methods of intrusion were tested; the experts at the Institute were unable to create a small opening to let in external light. Therefore, the durability and strength of the product has been undoubtedly proved. After the panel successfully completed testing, the Israeli Standards Institute assigned Class 3, the highest level of security to the Arrow M180/43 panel. The panel has been chosen as the leading product for key projects in the international market for reinforcing existing vault room walls and constructed new vault rooms.

The panels meet the NIJ standards type IV and prevent penetration of 12.7mm AP bullets and mortar fragments.

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