Protection Panel for Vault Rooms

40499 Registered Model
OHIM-NO001084768- 001
Protection Class 3 as per Test Book 851326351


A modular panel designed and manufactured in various sizes, tailor made to the customer’s specifications, saves space and time to implement. The ALKRO panel has an spike or structure to protect existing vault rooms or new independent vault rooms under construction. The panel is very strong and cannot be penetrated or removed by drilling, excavating, melting by welding equipment or pushing by a hydraulic jack. The arrow-like construction is revolutionary and unique for protected vault rooms and affords unmatched durability and provides the vault room walls the ability to withstand both pushing and explosion shock that is unavailable in other vault panels on the market today. This also applies to horizontal cutting attempts to create an opening in a panel or wall of the vault room. The unique construction has an international registered patent.

Technical details

External construction

Each side of the vault has 5mm steel housings, except for the outer case, which is made of 10mm smooth, seamless steel.

Internal construction

A combination of horizontal and vertical impassable materials creates a special structure that provides the panel with resistance to bending and shear.


Cast alloy ALKRO, which is cast in the panel encases the internal structure of materials. This alloy provides panel with high resistance to cutting torch flames, chipping and blasting. The panel was tested by the Israel Standards Institute and has been awarded level 3, which is the highest level of protection for vault room panels.

Overall thickness:



650 kg per SQM.

Minimum time to penetrate the protected vault room:

120 minutes or more.


The superior panel cannot be drilled, excavated, cut by a torch flame or moved by internal or external forces.

The panels meet the NIJ standards type IV and prevent penetration of 12.7mm AP bullets and mortar fragments.

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