A modular panel designed and manufactured in standard size 1000X250 mm and various sizes, tailor made to customer’s specifications, saves space and time to implement. The 50 MX panel has a structure to protect existing rooms or new independent rooms under construction. The panel is extremely strong and will provide protection from penetrate or remove at least for 15 minutes by drilling, excavating or melting by torch equipment.

The ballistic 50 MX will meet the NIJ standards type IV  with absolute protection against penetration of Armor piercing bullets diameter 7.62, 5.56 mm AP and 12.7 mm FMJ either prevent penetration of mortar fragments. 
The unique light construction Allows fast installation with designed screws.
The panels’ installation can be done by a small crew and by manual installation without need of cranes.
The applications: cash counting rooms, ATM rooms and ATM protection, weapons rooms, command and control rooms, computer rooms, selection chambers and more…

Technical details

External construction:

Smooth concrete MASADCONCAST 200, which resistible minimum compression strength of 200 MPa.

Internal construction:

A light construction for quick installation with designed screws. Creates a special structure that provides the panel with resistance to bending and shear.

Overall thickness:



180 Kg per SQM.

Minimum time to penetrate the protected vault room:

15 minutes or more.

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