Masad concast 200 is an industrial castable material Developed for the security industry to be used mainly for casting of safes and vault panels.


Masad concast 200 is supplied as a dry mix to be mixed with water, aggregates of high quality  and 7% of steel fiber usually.

The significant quality of Masad concast 200 is an excellent bonding between Masad concast 200,steel reinforcement, steel fibers and aggregates leading to a very increased resistance against physical attacks by electrical hammers or like.

Packaging and Delivery

Packed in 25 Kg Or 1000 Kg Big-bags.

Technical details


Compressive strength 10³ cm cube MPa10%±200*
Compressive strength 10³ cm cube Psi10%±29,000*
Modulus of elasticity dyn MPaAppr.40,000
Bending pressure MPa10%±29
Density bulk kg/m³1,450
Density casted material kg/m³2,900*
Storage time –dry conditions6 months

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