Protection Safe Chamber


A chamber to transfer courier carts, which is designed and manufactured in various sizes to tailor to the customer’s requirements. It can be installed in screening chambers and new and existing courier stations. Wagon chambers are protected from bullets fired from 5.56 mm and 9mm weapons. The chamber has interlock control systems, which can be connected to various door control systems. The development and production is “blue and white” Israeli. The chamber is constructed from layers of armored steel and has two armored doors. An upper glass window provides the possibility to watch what is happening inside the chamber. A bullet-proof window that is located above the chamber affords permanent visual contact between the courier and the vault room control. It is also possible to supply a consular drawer over the chamber that allows transferring documents from the courier and the vault room control. Such a chamber creates a barrier between the external couriers whose identity is unknown and in the vault and control, in order to avoid the possibility of a hostile takeover of safes in the vault room or control system of the safes. In this developing this panel, we have invested our company’s engineers’ experience and knowledge in the drilling, sawing, excavating and burning concrete and steel materials.

Technical details

Tempered steel chamber includes a blind frame to be installed on an existing wall or a new installation. The internal steel system acts as the blocking material. Two doors with interlock control and glass protected from overhead firing. The blind casting is done with Masad Concast 140, a concrete mixture developed by our company’s engineers for the defense and security industries. It has a compressive strength of at least 150 MPa. This mixture exhibits a high resistance to excavating and blasting.

Manufactured sizes:

According to the customer’s requirements.

Custom carts:

Can be designated for various purposes.


The Masad screening chamber for transferring safe carts has been chosen by various banks and courier services as a leading product in its field in creating a buffer between for the routine operation of various types of safe rooms.

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